The Next Generation of Ad Agency

Name the Place

Chasing Trees' collective employement model has a large network of creatives acorss the map, ready to move on your next project.

Born in the Cloud

Some business are trying to move "into the could". We were born in and operate entirely from the cloud.

Going Green

A decentralized office structure, no air conditioning bills, no copy machine maintenance, and a very very small eco footprint.

Full Service

We have the social media influencers, videographers, production teams, developers etc... We concept and execute 360 marketing campaings start to finish.

Best Prices in the Industry

With little to no overhead, and a scalable team of talent, Chasing Trees can deliver the most competitive bids on projects in the industy.

Infinite Possibilities

With a collective range of artists excercising as distinquished professionals across all disciplines, we are able to scale to meet the demands of any project small or large.

Contact Us

Whether you just want to say hello or have us take a look at your project, just drop us a line and we'll get back to you within 48hrs.


Projects completed since 2014

Chadwick Cannon
Ad Agency
Sports Brand
International Foods
Naked Juice
Food Brand
MLB The Show
Video Game
New York City Gov
World Outreach
Relax The Back
Office Brand
Gallery 6
Music Label
EDM Artist
Fashion Brand
Nat Geo
Travel & Documentary