World Outreach Church

New Years Series | 2016

We've worked multiple projects over the last few years to help the church create holistic (360) campaigns beyond the scope of its full time designers and web developers. This campaign was for a "New Years" Series they did in 2015. We created a logo and branding for the series, and were tasked to create content to be distributed across a wide variety of marketing channels including; billboards, direct mail cards, email blasts, web banners, social media posts, social media re-skins, point of sale and digital TV posters within the church campus, and slides to be projected during services for multiple projectors.

Client:World Outreach Church

Date:2015 - Present

Type:360, Social, Mail, Outdoor, POS


The event garnered a massive turnout and a lot of attention. Here are some photos of our work in use.